Turn into Marty McFly with a replica jacket

Most of you must have seen the zany sequel “Back to the Future Part 2” where Marty McFly (Michael J.Fox) along with Doc Brown and Jennifer, travel to October 21, 2015, to save his children which were yet to be born in the year 1985. But upon returning back, they find that things were not as they left and remembered. They finally figure out that someone had tampered with the time machine. In order to get out of this nightmare, they both must return to the events of the year 1955 and save their future.

The movie “Back to the future part 2” is categorized as one of the best movies of American cinema. The concept of traveling to the future was a treat for the viewers. Although, the 2015 Marty McFly experiences in the movie are quite different from what we are living in, but some of the predictions featured in the movie such as the wearable technology, hands-free gaming, fingerprint recognition, and robotic car fueling are a staple part of our lives. Of course, we are missing out on the flying cars and powered clothing which have the ability to dry themselves.


The look of Michael J.Fox where he is on a hover board, wearing a red leather jacket, auto lace up trainers, and jeans is on many fans wardrobe priority list. The Nike Company is already in the process of creating self-tying shoes that should be available in the market (hopefully soon). Replicas of the sneakers can also be purchased here. And now you can also get your hands on the Back to the future 2 Jacket available here! Unfortunately, the jacket lacks the auto-drying and automatic rolling off the sleeves features, but the replica recreation is a close enough duplicate until the movie inspires some crazy inventor and creates a real thing for us in the near future.

The jacket is made from red diamond beaded sheet together with grey PU leather. The replica jacket comes with bellows tailored on the shoulders. The jacket can be purchased here at a very affordable price. Buy yours now!

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