About Us

We are born in the 1970s, and became Fans of Back to the Future after watching BTTF movie trilogy I, II and III in 1985, 1989, and 1990 respectively. Back when we were teenagers in the 1980s, we are so fascinated with the props and replicas shown in the movies that have always dreamt of owning them. This has remained our dream and hope in most part of our teenage years.

It is not until after the Internet era started after 2000 that we are able to get some of these replica items online. There is however one item that has eluded all Back to the Future Fans until today. There is no single person out there that is able to duplicate and manufacture the prop in mass quantities, and this is the famed Jacket worn by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future 2 (BTTF 2).

We have given up hope of searching the internet for a screen accurate replica Marty McFly Jacket until one of our buddies came out with an idea of duplicating and making the jacket in quantities so that we can share this beloved jacket with all Back to the Future Fans out there!

Our team overcame alot of difficulties trying to make and match the jacket as closely as possible to the actual one worn by Michael J. Fox in the movie. One of the difficulties is making the red diamond beaded sheet that covered about 60% of the jacket. This rubber sheet needs to be specially made by a custom mold, and this sheet is not available in the market place. We commissioned a mold designer to design and fabricate the custom mold to finally come out with a screen accurate replica. Another difficulty is to source for tailors to make such a complicated jacket. The vendor needs to have tailor machinery to be able to handle the delicate rubber sheet. The tailor also needs to have specialty to make the bellow loops on the sleeves.

Never once did our team give up! And so, here we are!. We now have the most authentic and screen accurate Back to the Future Jacket you can find out there! Unlike some of the cheap imitations you can find And at a very affordable price that will not break your bank!

This Jacket is considered the holy grail of prop replica in the back to the future movie! Please read on and be inspired!