Screen Accurate Back to the Future II Jacket

Are you passionate about good movies? You want to impress your friends on Halloween with an awesome costume? Or maybe you just like nice clothes?

The jacket that was worn by Mary McFly in Back to the future is a piece that can’t miss from your closet. Besides the fact that it looks so cool, it will also give you the perfect topic of conversation with any new person that you meet.

In the movie Back to the Future II released in 1989 Marty, a normal teenager, travels to the future with his girlfriend and Doc to solve a problem related to their future children. When they come back in 1985, they realize that someone used the travel machine to steal an almanac with sports results from a future. Biff is now the owner of a huge casino in their small city and the new husband of Marty’s mother. A new adventure starts when they go back in 1955 to prevent Biff from stealing the almanac.


In the movie, a lot of interest evolved around Marty’s jacket. The jacket was simple on the outside, but with new and interesting features. The sleeves would roll up by themselves (now wouldn’t this be comfortable?) and the jacket would dry by itself. These functions were activated by pressing a small button next to the belt. Everyone started imagining how would it be to have such a piece of clothing, and we can perfectly understand why. Now in real life, you will not exactly find clothes that have an auto-drying function, but you can find the perfect replica of this jacket and be in the center of attention while wearing it.

The jacket can be the center piece of your perfect Halloween costume. Everyone saw the movie and admired the jacket at some point, so everyone around you will be eager to try it. Besides, you don’t need to focus so much on the rest of the costume: a pair of normal jeans, white shoes, a colorful hat and you’re all done. You can even learn a few lines of the character and have fun with your friends for the rest of the night.

If you’re not ready to purchase this piece to wear it only for Halloween, don’t worry. The jacket is classy enough to be worn on any occasion, so you can wear it when you go out with your friends or do the groceries. It’s nice, fashionable, comfortable and it makes any simple outfit look good. What reason would you have to not buy it?

You can find cheap replica of this jacket in various costumes store and online, but make sure you invest your money in a quality piece that is screen accurate!