Marty McFly’s Jacket

At the end of first Back to the Future movie, Doc goes back to 1985 to take Marty and his girlfriend to 2015. In Back To The Future part 2 when Marty arrives at 2015, Marty is amazed at seeing how advance the technology is in the future, He enjoys watching people using Hover boards  and Flying cars.

Upon arrival in 2015 Doc tells Marty McFly that his son has been arrested and now it’s Marty’s job to impersonate his son and make sure that his son never gets arrested. For this mission Doc gives Marty a futuristic jacket and a cap so that he can blend into 2015’s culture and act like he is Marty McFly Jr. Marty impersonates his son, follows the Doc’s commands and in the end he succeeds in his mission to avoid his son from ever getting arrested for a crime he never committed.


In the movie, one of the famous and memorable prop used in the movie Back to the Future 2 is Marty McFly Jr’s jacket. Marty’s jacket belonged to his son Marty McFly Jr which Marty takes away his son to impersonate. Marty’s Jacket is capable of self-drying itself because it is made from futuristic technology. Rumor has it that Marty’s jacket itself is a computer technology. It would be cool to wear a jacket like that, imagine taking a swim wearing that jacket. Who needs a towel when you have a Marty McFly. Marty’s Jacket that is capable of adapting and adjusting itself to size of whoever wears it. It doesn’t matter if a person is fat, slim, short or tall. Marty’s jacket can shrink and expand according to user’s physique. Our technology is not advance enough yet to make us capable of developing such technology.

In real life, However, Replicas of this famous BTTF 2 jacket can now be bought from us! But they don’t work exactly the same way Marty’s jacket did in the movie. Replicas BTTF2 jacket of different sizes (S, M, L, and XL) are available. They may not have the fancy gadgets like (Automatic rolling of the sleeves as well as the self-drying features etc.) like Marty’s jacket had in the movie but still it looks as real and cool as Marty’s Jacket did in the movie, it may not have self-drying features but it can still keep the wearer warm and comfortable. Replica of Marty’s Jacket is a must have thing if you are a fan of Back to the Future. With matching BTTF 2 shoes, cap and Marty’s jacket you can go out on Halloween and pretend that you are Marty McFly! This jacket aside from being used by cosplayers, it can be used as a simple jacket just to keep the wearer warm in winter. This Replica Jacket is a nice fancy addition to your wardrobe. So this is it, make your mind to order a Replica of Marty’s Jacket and enjoy watching Back to the Future while wearing that jacket you have always wanted!