BTTF2 Jacket

It’s 2015 and we are going to discuss one of the best fantasy classics – Back to the Future and particularly about the protagonist’s famous jacket. If you haven’t watched this incredibly entertaining movie then you have missed a lot and for those who haven’t we are going to share our audience a brief overview.

Back to the Future – Overview

Michael J. Fox plays the role of Marty McFly, a high school student who isn’t living his most pleasant years. Marty is enduring a harsh lifestyle not only at school, but with his family too. In the second film of Back to the Future we are witnesses of Marty McFly’s adventure to the year of 2015. There he is having troubles with Biff’s descendant – Griff. Marty uses an air-foil skateboard in order to beat Griff and his team who were once again bullying the citizens. Before going back to 1985 he decides to buy a sports almanac, so he can know the scores of games that are going to happen later. Of course, Doc disapproves his idea because it can mess completely the time continuum. However, Biff overhears their interesting conversation and retrieves the almanac, which was thrown away and that’s how a new, interesting, time traveling journey begins. Now back into the past, Biff is using Marty’s idea to get rich by betting on games that he knows the result for. In this new world our antagonist Biff is an extremely powerful and rich mogul. Marty is now in the tough position to get things back to their past state, but he is going to have some troubles because he must jump between 3 generations.

This box-office hit movie finishes with an amazing third part that takes place in the Wild West of the late 1800s.

Marty McFly’s Jacket


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