Back to the Future 2 – Top 10 Inaccuracies

Back to the future 2 is one of the movies that will remain in history. The directors tried to imagine the life in the future and they were a bit too … optimistic. Even though some of the inventions are common nowadays, others seem borrowed from a strange Sci-Fi movie. The video presents all the things that Back to the Future 2 got wrong.

Flying cars would be interesting, but not at all convenient. We wouldn’t have traffic on the streets, but up in the sky. Not to mention that this would probably be against the environment protection regulations. At the same time we can discuss about the weather; the climate did not change that much in the last years, so there will be no rain in California any time soon.

For the fans of the movie Jaws, having Jaws 19 would be a real deal, together with a realistic hologram. Maybe Elijah Wood would go and watch it, if he would be a child in 2015. Elijah Wood is not that young, and the movie Jaws 19 does not exist (yet?). That’s two disappointments at once.

To continue the list of things that the directors got wrong, the video presents the public phones that we use in 2015. Oh wait, we actually have smart phones that we can fit in our pockets. It seems that seemed incredible for the people back then, but it’s not so incredible for us.

When it comes to politics and economy, the movie got it wrong again. Japan is not the leader of the world and it probably won’t be in the next decades. The video also presents fashion mistakes; kids don’t wear their pockets inside out, although this might be a new fashion trend in the next years. For all this and much more, take a look at the video!