Back to the Future 2 – Top 10 Accuracies

For people in 1989, the movie Back to the future 2 was an accurate description of the future. Although the movie turned out to be not that accurate, the directors still got some things right. Chris and Matt from China Uncensored present some of the things that the directors of the movie got right.

Hoover boards are the new fashion and no one could imagine this, except for the producers of the movie. Let’s just say that this is a convenient way of transportation from the “future”.

You do have a flat screen in your house, right? Well, this was not even invented back in 1989, but still the movie shows gigantic screens. Just take a walk in any modern city in the world, and you will notice how accurate the movie is.

The producers of the movie got something else right, the fashion. We all love jeans jacks, maxi sweaters and puffy vests, not to mention the colored, short tops that seem to be everywhere. And we all wear them while … talking to electronics. That is another thing that the movie reproduced accurately; how often you ask your phone to search something on the Internet for you?

The Cubs were not as great in the past, but it seems that the director had a good feeling about them. In Back to the Future 2 they won the World cup. This did not happen, but it was close enough. Not to mention that Miami did not even have a baseball team until 1991, but it existed in the movie. Isn’t this great?

In the end of the video, the hosts emphasize another amazing thing that the movie got right; flying drones. How the producers thought about this, we can’t know, but we have to admit that they have great imagination.